Casemaker Libra

Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Business Organizations

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book


The Guide begins with basic topics that a Colorado practitioner should consider in the choice-of-entity process. The book then presents detailed discussions of the numerous types of Colorado entities. Finally, chapters from authors from a wide range of practice areas and expertise address the various aspects of their practice areas that relate to Colorado business organizations.

E. Lee Reichert, Allen E.F. Rozansky

Jordan Abramson, Merry Balson, Deborah Bayles, Howard Bernstein, Jeffery Brimer, J. William Callison, Fay Chu Fong, Stephen Dexter, Kristin Dittus, Michael Drapkin, Tara Dunn, Christopher Gunlikson, Eric Gunning, Dean Harris, Mark Heimlich, Kevin Hein, Darren Hensley, John Heronimus, Adam Hirsch, Whitney Holmes, Russell Klein, Julia Knearl, Charlene Krogh, Herrick Lidstone, Michael Maciszewski, John Madden, J Marcus Painter, Jeremy Peck, Linda Phillips, Bruce Plotkin, Silke Popp, Jeffrey Quick, Sarah Radunsky, Ernest Reichert, Michelle Rose-Hughes, Allen Rozansky, Michael Sabian, Michael Santo, Alicia Severn, Jeffrey Sherman, Teresa Sherman, Walter Slatkin, Allen Sparkman, Reuben Sparks, Timothy Spiel, Sam Starritt, David Steigerwald, Sarah Steinbeck Adelson, Beat Steiner, Jan Steinhour, William Vobach, James Walker, Andrea Welter, Keith Whitelaw, Jason Wiener, Mark Wiletsky, David Wilson

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Choice of Entity
Chapter 2 Choice of Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Tax Considerations in Entity Selection
Chapter 4 Ethics
Chapter 5 Succession Planning for Businesses
 Chapter 6 Reserved
Chapter 7 Foreign Qualification
Chapter 8 Entity and Trade Name Filing Requirements and Customs in Colorado
Chapter 9 Sole Proprietorships
Chapter 10 Corporations
Chapter 11 Partnerships
Chapter 12 Limited Liability Companies
Chapter 13 Cooperative Businesses
Chapter 14 Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 15 Conversion of Entities in Colorado
Chapter 16 Employee Issues
Chapter 17 Employee Benefits
Chapter 18 Buy-sell Agreements
Chapter 19 Public Benefit Corporations
Chapter 20 Filing Issues
Chapter 21 Licensing Issues
Chapter 22 General Corporate Actions
Chapter 23 Piercing the Corporate Veil
 Chapter 24 Reserved
Chapter 25 Capital Formation Issues
Chapter 26 Securities Law for Small and Start-up Business Entities
Chapter 27 Debt Financing
Chapter 28 Real Estate Issues for Business Organizations
Chapter 29 Intellectual Property
Chapter 30 Patent Law
Chapter 31 Trade Secrets
Chapter 32 Privacy
Chapter 33 Professional Service Companies
Chapter 34 Franchises
Chapter 35 International Business Transactions
Chapter 36 Special Issues in Oil and Gas
Chapter 37 Mergers and Acquisitions
Chapter 38 The Sale of Business Assets in Bankruptcy
Chapter 39 Reclamation and Other Rights of Unsecured Trade Creditors in Bankruptcy
Chapter 40 Rights of Non-residential Real Property Landlords in Bankruptcy
Chapter 41 Dissolution and Winding Up

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  • Area of Practice