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Practitioner's Guide to Colorado Construction Law

Publication Year: 2015   Publication Type: Book


This book is a comprehensive guide for attorneys, real estate and construction professionals providing information in 30 subject areas, including:

- Licensing Requirements
- Insurance
- Liabilities in the Construction Industry
- Express and Implied Warranties
- Mechanic's Liens and Damages
- Procedural Aspects of Construction Litigation
- Private and Governmental Construction Contracts
- Defective Construction
- Contract Clauses: Managing, Allocating and Transferring Construction Project Risks
- State and Local Taxation in the Construction Industry
- Delay in Construction Contracts
- Intellectual Property Law in the Construction Industry - A Practical Guide

This Guide is essential reading for every individual and lawyer who works in this area. The book further provides extensive sample forms and contracts, relevant statutory provisions, table of authorities, and legal subject index.


Robert E. Benson, J. Kevin Bridston, Timothy M. Gordon

Jonathan M. Allen, Thomas C. Bell, Buck S. Beltzer, Karl A. Berg, Jr., Jonathon D. Bergman, Edward J. Blieszner, Darin L. Brown, Michael J. Carrigan, Laurie K. Choi, Douglas W. Colville, Rebecca W. Dow, Shawn A. Eady, Jim Goh, Scott S. Havlick, Stephen A. Hess, Diego G. Hunt, Ryan J. Klein, L. Jay Labe, Byrum C. Lee, Jr., Janna J. Lewis, Michael E. Lindsay, Charles R. Lucy, Kasey K. McDaniel, Elizabeth A. Mitchell, Mary Kay Monville, Edgar L. Neel, Tasha M. Newland, Daniel R. Pabon, Jeffrey D. Phipps, Alan Poe, Rachel Poe, Joe A. Ramirez, Evan L. Randall, John R. Riley, Kenneth D. Robinson, Ronald M. Sandgrund, William J. Searfoorce, Jr., Milton “Skip” L. Smith, Max S. Stich, Victoria L. Strohmeyer, Scott F. Sullan, Christopher L. Thomas, Robert M. Thomas, Hon. Mark D. Thompson, Leslie A. Tuft, Tina R. Van Bockern, Kenneth C. Winterton, Albert B. Wolf

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 The Construction Process And Parties
Chapter 2 Licensing Requirements For The Parties To The Construction Process
Chapter 3 Private Construction Contracts
Chapter 4 State Construction Projects
Chapter 5 City, County, And Special District Construction Projects
Chapter 6 Insurance For The Construction Project
Chapter 7 The Owner Of The Construction Project
Chapter 8 Architect or Engineer Liability
Chapter 9 Construction Project Lenders
Chapter 10 The Contractor
Chapter 11 Subcontractors And Materialmen
Chapter 12 Construction Sureties
Chapter 13 Environmental Law In The Construction Industry
Chapter 14 Residential Construction
Chapter 15 Defective Construction Performance
Chapter 16 Express And Implied Warranties In Construction Law
Chapter 17 Disputes Over Contract Clauses
Chapter 18 Construction Disputes
Chapter 19 Mechanics' Liens
Chapter 20 Damages In Construction Claims
Chapter 21 Arbitration And Mediation Of Construction Disputes
Chapter 22 Employment And Immigration Law In The Colorado Construction Industry
Chapter 23 Colorado Construction Statutes
Chapter 24 Procedural Aspects Of Construction Litigation
Chapter 25 Colorado State And Local Taxation Of The Construction Industry
Chapter 26 Contract Clauses Managing, Allocating, And Transferring Construction Project Risks
Chapter 27 Delay In Construction Contracts
Chapter 28 Intellectual Property Law In The Construction Industry - A Practical Guide
Chapter 29 Federal Government Construction Contracts
Chapter 30 Green Building- A Primer For Attorneys
 Appendix A American Institute Of Architects (AIA) Documents
 Appendix B Consensusdocs Documents
 Appendix C Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) Document
 Appendix D Construction Contract Clauses
 Glossary of Construction Terms

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