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Elder Law in Colorado

Publication Year: 2016   Publication Type: Book


The Fourth Edition of Elder Law in Colorado (formerly the Colorado Handbook of Elder Law)is a comprehensive desk reference for attorneys who may be either new or experienced in the field of elder law. It is intended to carry on the tradition of being an important resource for elder law practitioners throughout Colorado. The book is the culmination of an incredible amount of time and effort by our authors, who represent some of the finest elder law attorneys, both in Colorado and the nation.
This Fourth Edition covers a wide variety of topics, from how to start an elder law practice to estate planning, probate, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, elder abuse, and much, much more. This is by far the most comprehensive edition of the Elder Law in Colorado ever published.

John J. Campbell, D. Wayne Stewart

Lee Applegate, Ann Atkinson, Arlene Barringer, Bryan Benbow, David Bernhart, Bruce Bernstein, Baird Brown, Clara Brown Shaffer, Elizabeth Bryant, John Campbell, Shari Caton, Marco Chayet, Charles Connell, Frank Danzo, Christina Ebner, Aaron Eisenach, Aaron Evans, Bradley Frigon, Nancy Germany, Judy Gibson, Jordana Gingrass, M Carl Glatstein, Jennifer Gormley, Robert Gruber, Susan Hahn, Erica Johnson, Michael Kirtland, William Kistler, Peter Komlos-Hrobsky, Ayodele Labode, Jeffrey Lamb, Christine Law, Michele Lawonn, Rikke Liska, Lance McKinley, Marcie McMinimee, Anne Meier, Michelle Mieras, Dianne Peterson, Jeremy Pollack, Bernard Poskus, Mary Catherine Rabbitt, Jerome Reinan, Martha Ridgway, Anne Rocheleau, Thomas Rodriguez, Jamie Roth, Zachary Schlichting, Catherine Seal, Joan Therese Seivert, Rebecca Shandrick, David Steinhoff, Carl Stevens, Wayne Stewart, Irma Stinnett, Patrick Thiessen, Herbert Tucker, Leia Ursery, Peter Wall, G Anthony Wolusky, Rosemary Zapor

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Establishing The Elder Law Practice
Chapter 2 Ethical Considerations
Chapter 3 Estate Planning: Use of Wills
Chapter 4 Estate Planning: Use of Trusts
Chapter 5 Estate Planning For The Child With Special Needs
Chapter 6 Estate Planning: Joint Tenancy
Chapter 7 Estate Planning: Homestead Exemption
Chapter 8 Medical Advance Directives
Chapter 9 Financial Powers of Attorney
Chapter 11 Marital Agreements
Chapter 12 Common Law Marriage
Chapter 13 Grandparents' Rights
Chapter 14 Non-Traditional Families
Chapter 15 Baby Boomers: How to Reach Clients Who Don't Want to Be Elderly
Chapter 16 Age Discrimination in The Workforce: An Overview For Elder Law Attorneys
Chapter 17 Issues Surrounding The Employment of Contract Caregivers
Chapter 18 Financial Exploitation of The Elderly
Chapter 19 Protective Services
Chapter 20 Guardianship and Conservatorship Under The Colorado Uniform Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Act
Chapter 21 Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
Chapter 22 Special Considerations in Personal Injury Settlements and Awards On Behalf of The Elderly and Disabled
Chapter 23 Basics of Medicare Conditional Payments and Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements
Chapter 24 Representing The Diminished Capacity or Mentally Ill Client
Chapter 25 Medicare
Chapter 26 Filling Medicare's Gaps: An Overview
Chapter 27 Hospital Discharge Planning: Advocating For Seniors' Medicare Rehabilitation Benefits
Chapter 28 Special Insurance Issues of The Elderly: Long-Term Care Partnership Program
Chapter 29 Medicaid Eligibility For Long-Term Care
Chapter 30 Medicaid: Spousal Impoverishment
Chapter 31 The Home Care Allowance; Home and Community Based Services For The Elderly, Blind and Disabled; and Old Age Pension Programs
Chapter 32 Medicaid: Use of Annuities in Medicaid Planning
Chapter 33 Supplemental Care Trusts, Disability Trusts, and Discretionary Trusts
Chapter 35 Medicaid- Procedures For Appeals of Medicaid Determinations
Chapter 36 Social Security and Colorado Disability Benefits
Chapter 37 Supplemental Security Income Benefits
Chapter 38 Social Security Appeal Process
Chapter 40 Representative Payee
Chapter 41 Veterans' Rights and Entitlements
Chapter 45 Real Estate Issues Facing The Elderly
Chapter 46 Federally Assisted Housing For The Elderly
Chapter 47 Nursing Home Admissions Contracts
Chapter 48 Assisted Living Admissions Contracts
Chapter 49 Residents' Rights
Chapter 50 Nursing Home Litigation
Chapter 51 Hospice Care
Chapter 52 Mediating Disputes Involving Older Adults, People With Disabilities, and Their Families
Chapter 53 Probate Process: The Decedent's Estate Administration
Chapter 54 Estate Planning: Selected Probate Issues
Chapter 55 Estate Planning: Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Issues
Chapter 56 Will Contests
Chapter 57 The Guardian Ad Litem in Probate Proceedings
Chapter 58 Programs, Services, and Resources For Older Adults
Chapter 59 Multi-disciplinary Approaches in the Elder Law Practice

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