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Funding the Revocable Living Trust

Publication Year: 2014   Publication Type: Book


Estate planning is as much art as it is science. To successfully guide clients in accomplishing their goals takes experience that is the result of good training and patient observation over many years. The really good estate planners have dedicated their professional lives to mastering the craft. They are good listeners. They are nonjudgmental observers of the human condition. They become impartial counselors rather than merely competent technicians.

This monograph is Bill Schmidt's endeavor to pass along the techniques and forms that he has developed or used in many years of enjoyable service to his clients. This represents his collective wisdom gained from many years of practice to help you avoid some of the pitfalls and mistakes in funding revocable living trusts.

For the Second Edition, existing chapters and exhibits have been fully updated. Readers will also find helpful new material on postmarital waivers under the Retirement Equity Act, deeds of livestock brands, the Demand Deposit Marketplace, community property, choosing a trustee, and a new chapter authored by Douglas Turner on firearms and gun trusts.

L William Schmidt

L William Schmidt, Douglas Turner

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Overview of the Revocable Living Trust
Chapter 2 Real Property
Chapter 3 Stocks
Chapter 4 Safe Deposit Boxes
Chapter 5 Life Insurance
Chapter 6 Retirement Benefits
Chapter 7 Personal Effects
Chapter 8 Subchapter S Stock
Chapter 9 I.R.C. § 1244 Stock
Chapter 10 Installment Obligations
Chapter 11 Livestock and Farm Equipment
Chapter 12 Stock Options
Chapter 13 Oil and Gas Interests
Chapter 14 Series E and H Bonds
Chapter 15 Automobiles
Chapter 16 Business Interests
Chapter 17 Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
Chapter 18 Special Power of Attorney for Funding
Chapter 19 Pod and Tod Accounts
Chapter 20 Postmortem Assignments
Chapter 21 The Nominee Partnership
Chapter 22 Bank Accounts
Chapter 23 Income Tax Matters
Chapter 24 Marital Property Considerations
Chapter 25 Duties of the Trustee
Chapter 26 Firearms

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